Alternative HRLM Okkult coverart.

HRLM Okkult: volt. 2 is in the making,…

As the gang furthers themselfs in their seperate skills of; Science, logistics, photography, illustration and design.  Dat HRLM Okkult krew, remains active in their increasingly effective sonic lair’s.

Recording even more unique sonic encounters and exotic audio machinery for this release,. this release has no set release date so far.

to be continued.

So but, when we made HRLM Okkult : volt. 1,  we tried a few different versions of the cover-art.  I thought it would be fun to show some early versions and alternative colour-setting of the eventual released version.

Here are some of them. 🙂  Click ‘m for a quite large view.

Haarlem Okkult I f

Haarlem Okkult I d

Haarlem Okkult I g

HRLM Okkult closeup 1b

Haarlem Okkult I J

HRLM Okkult - volt 1 FRONT 1c

the disc had a few alternate versions as well.

HRLM Okkult - volt 1 cd

Hyper FX reality disc 1a
As well did some of the insides.

Hyper FX reality digipak 1a

HRLM Okkult - volt 1 INSIDE 1

So there,.  random graphic information added to your weird psychedelic audio experience.

Here’s another.    Check out this upcoming VHS release from the future.

HRLM Okkult VHS cover 1

Phuqtek EP released

Hey everybody ^_^

It’s been a while since i released some music.  And that’s mostly because it’s also almost been a year since i started working a factory day job to pay for debt and new synths.

But also, dues to a shift in the ‘kind’ of music i make.   Whereas i made trance under the alias ‘Whrikk’  before, this release is by ‘WHRK’  – Same guy, different technique.

IMG_2557Standing inside the ‘Etiketeer machine’ –  a complex synthesizer that
labels beer bottles.

While there, i tried to stay inspired despite the repetitive, physical work.   So i recorded sounds and worked out a way to make tracks in a shorter time. At nights after work,  or very early mornings.

IMG_3507Part of my messy but efficient setup.

Recording more live synth jams and sampling life around.
Opposed to lots of editing and automating plugins.

For instance, my colleague and friend Koen, helped me record the beautiful sound of servo’s and clicks from a machine that measures spectral data.  Some of these ended up in ‘Majestic12 Factory EBE-2 pt3’.   Cutting them up and making rhythms.   Another featured colleague is the whistling in the same song.

IMG_2702Recording another machine in the laboratory.
By now, it’s become quite a bundle.  Enough for an album i’d say!
I titled this album ‘Phuqtek’,.. after a machine i got to work with allot in the beginning.


So here is the first solidified result.    This cd with three tracks and the acetate plates [coming soon] with an extra track.

…the rest to follow later.

Buy it here


Disclaimer:  ‘Phuqtek’ in no way related to the intellectual property of David Chaim Cohen, specifically, the concept of ‘Fucktech’, which is rusted, needlessly fast, over edited psytrance.

New shirts available soon

Oh high everybody!

Been working on these splashing new screenprinted shirts!
Assisted by my Megalith partner in crime Krazy Kris and print overlord Ewoud Bras.

We’ll be making a little shop at a big flea-market in Amsterdam.  With also some real nice prints and allot more.

Many shapes, colours and sizes.  And with three different designs to disgust your brain.

Will post them in the shop later this week,  so please come on back and check ‘m out.  ☆ ~(‘▽^人)


WHRKCST03 Released

Made a few  new cassettes.  Very recent and strange new music.
Noisy and melancholic, experimental and ambient.

Limited to 10 numbered copies for the moment.

Including some random unreleased hidden bonus tracks.
Various graphic variations by Whrikk and Odr.

Channel AIMG_0445IMG_0434IMG_0428

New posters

Finally got to making some new prints!

With the help of my good friend Harald Nielsen, we made some beautifull renditions of my some digital colourings.   Most of them are A3-size ( 29,7 x 42,0 cm) – Printed on beautiful medium-gloss, Ilford Photo-paper.

Some hints below.  Check the shop for more info!

I’m saving for a better synth/drum-machine since like, two years now….   Aint easy..   Might do a kickstarter to make that happen.

Read the upcoming newsletter for more info about that nerdy stuff.   Your help is a  HUGE part in making this happen and will aid in new music to be realized!

IMG_0132 Untitled-2 IMG_0139

New shirt! [ “TOI” ]

Had a long day yesterday, screenprinting twenty GLOW-IN-THE-DARK” T-shirts. They don’t glow very long but light up very nicely in UV light.  Printed them on a ‘Loose crew’ fit, American Apparal t-shirts.   Very comfy.

I’ll be putting in stickers and a little mini illustration with every purchase 🙂

Here’s some progress shots.




IMG_8295IMG_8371IMG_8375IMG_8386IMG_8389IMG_8399bIMG_8401T0I Shirt front

Dogspiral 1 artwork

My good friend David Chaim Cohen aka the Dog of Tears has
released his new album titled Dogspiral 1

I had the honour of making some of the graphics. The disc and a sticker that comes with the cd are drawings i did.  Coloured added digitally.     Fun!

CHECK/  IT/ OUT!   Some of the most interesting trance out there..   If you can call it that.    I wouldn’t.  though i just did.

Great work David, thanks for da work!

10441233_863861810320025_8739726972036456220_n 10676255_863862000320006_5772755020573300881_n 10417649_863861830320023_8836854328995992178_nIMG_2143

Obscure audio & strange illustrations