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Alternative HRLM Okkult coverart.

HRLM Okkult: volt. 2 is in the making,…

As the gang furthers themselfs in their seperate skills of; Science, logistics, photography, illustration and design.  Dat HRLM Okkult krew, remains active in their increasingly effective sonic lair’s.

Recording even more unique sonic encounters and exotic audio machinery for this release,. this release has no set release date so far.

to be continued.

So but, when we made HRLM Okkult : volt. 1,  we tried a few different versions of the cover-art.  I thought it would be fun to show some early versions and alternative colour-setting of the eventual released version.

Here are some of them. 🙂  Click ‘m for a quite large view.

Haarlem Okkult I f

Haarlem Okkult I d

Haarlem Okkult I g

HRLM Okkult closeup 1b

Haarlem Okkult I J

HRLM Okkult - volt 1 FRONT 1c

the disc had a few alternate versions as well.

HRLM Okkult - volt 1 cd

Hyper FX reality disc 1a
As well did some of the insides.

Hyper FX reality digipak 1a

HRLM Okkult - volt 1 INSIDE 1

So there,.  random graphic information added to your weird psychedelic audio experience.

Here’s another.    Check out this upcoming VHS release from the future.

HRLM Okkult VHS cover 1