So,..  what is all this you ask?   Who is this cat, man..
why is he doing this.

Well.   the answer is simple.  I enjoy making things allot.
Be it music or visual stimuli.  Can’t get enough…

What i enjoy allot as well is that the stuff i create, clicks with certain brain-receptors of fellow humans.
That is cool.   And nice.    And i like that.

So i made this site to show some of the stuff i make and offer some for sale.

I am Human nr. 651829-03, Matthijs van der Geest is the name. My main occupation is electronic music. There are several active solo projects with which i perform livesets and can be booked to play for you.

I also draw allot. and do digital graphics. And very open to help or
design for you.  I can give you my spin on your thoughts or the other way around.   Any questions on commissions / artwork / music etc. message me.


Whrikk music

For the past 6 years, this has been my heart and soul.  And still is today. Strange, bass-heavy, psychedelic jazz music.

“Sounds of melodically creaking tree’s collide with rhythmic remains of ancient star-cruisers. As gas-giants pulvarize into a granular climax, synthetic fluorescence fills the higher plane, causing a
harmonic resonance that shakes unseen dimensions.”

If that makes no sense, this music might not be for you..

Some projects that inspire me are; Ygg Audio, Jahbo, Kindzadza, Dronebixie, Dog of Tears, System Overload, Odr, Derango, Purosurpo, Already Maged, Procs, Hokus PokusMubali, Papiyan

Besides Whrikk, i’ve been involved in a few other psychedelic trance projects and collaborations.

Megalith (with Christiaan van Rooyen)  /  Umma Gumma (with Stephanie van Gemert) / Zixa (with Sandro Podda) and many more. I’ve played besides artists such as Fractal Error, Odr, Cindervomit, Dog of Tears, Kindzadza, System Overload, Nolm, Dronebixie, Atomental, Frodohm, Encephalopaticys, Jahbo, Ozmali, Scope, Zoon, Derango, Procs, Zik,

Riffa music

Along those years, i’ve always experimented with different ways and sorts of music production. Being a big fan of artists such as;
Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Daft Punk, Siriusmo (and the list extends into infinity..) i try to practice genre’s like ambient, acid-house, techno, IDM with just as much love as i put into “Whrikk”.

By now, those songs have grown into a few home-brewn releases and an occasional performance. It’s become clear that these are styles of music i also want to pursue.


Selling out.

The reason i ask money for the things on this site is because i want to make even NICER stuff.   I give away allot and i would prefer to keep doing that.

So i will sometimes select a ‘bigger’ thing i’m doing, to shape into a sell-able thing.  Something nice for on the wall..   to wear,..  put stuff into,..  play with.    or weird things to look at while listening to the content.

I have a job besides all this to not put any financial pressure on this creative shit.  I love it too much to allow it to become infected with that nasty money.

Every dime with which you support me, goes to ink, blank cd’s, audio devices, or other forms of life-support.

If you agree with wanting to leave money out of the question. I am also open to trades.  You send me something, i send you something.  A trade!

Obscure audio & strange illustrations